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Sign repair, maintenance & upgrades in New York City.

Midwood Signs has been performing repairs, maintenance and upgrades on signs throughout New York City for over 50 years.

Our experts understand the importance and sentimental value that some signs may have for our clients and we take great care to keep your signs intact, while upgrading them to existing code standards.  Existing signs can be upgraded by replacing flourescent light bulbs with maintenance free LED bulbs that are brighter and use a fraction of the electricity required by the original bulbs.
We can also replace neon tubes, which are costly to maintain, with LED’s, while keeping the face and look of your original sign intact.

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Other Services

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Custom Commercial Signs

Our expert designers will match the right sign products to your individual needs. Once we’ve developed the perfect sign concept for you, our staff of professionals can systematically design and fabricate a beautiful custom sign for your business. Whether you are expanding on an existing sign or want to create an entirely new one, our graphic arts department, along with a staff of talented graphic designers trained in the latest technologies will create the perfect sign that will convey the right message to your customers.

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Custom Commercial Awnings

Midwood Signs of Brooklyn has been producing awnings, custom vestibule enclosures and sidewalk barricades for over five decades. We provide our customers with the best up to date materials to insure quality and a long lasting product. We take pride in designing the best awning for your particular needs. We can quickly produce your awning and in most cases complete your job in three weeks or less. 

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Branded Sidewalk Barriers

We offer several styles of cafe barriers including open rail metal barriers and branded fabric and metal barriers made with durable outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics and stainless metals.  We can match your company colors and add logos, text, graphics to suit your needs.  Barriers come in any length and are reconfigurable so you can place and remove them as you require.  

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Winter Vestibules & Custom Enclosures

Winter Vestibules are small vestibule structures made of durable outdoor Sunbrella Fabrics and galvanized metals that can provide a barrier along the exterior of your building to protect your patrons from the harsh winter elements.  We also create large custom enclosures that can be heated so you won’t lose your outdoor patio dining space in the winter!  Custom enclosures can also be used for a variety of other uses, such as larger lobby or entry ways, party/ event space, storage, and more!

We offer free estimates with
architectural drawings of the finished product!

Midwood Signs is one of the few companies around that will carefully listen to your needs, visit your location to take measurements, and give you a free estimate with architectural renderings showing the finished product before you even spend a dime!