Midwood Signs is celebrating its 50th anniversary! 2

Midwood Signs is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

In this era of online shopping, robot chat bots and social media posts, actual human interactions can seem rare. Even rarer are customer service interactions that leave you satisfied and feeling heard and helped.  But there is one local business that’s changing that paradigm with its personalized approach: Midwood Signs.  While a personal approach may seem new to many of us who grew up in this era, in fact, it isn’t new at all.  It’s a return to the old days when you knew your local retailer, and they knew you.

Midwood Signs has been operating with this personal approach to business for over 50 years and doesn’t intend to change things for the next 50.  When a customer calls to get their free estimate, the business owner himself answers the call and speaks to the potential client.  Not only does he listen and discuss options, but he personally visits the site to take measurements and plan the sign or awning design.  He then provides the client with a rendering that shows EXACTLY what they will be getting with the finished product.  And the best part?  All of this is free.

Not only is the customer service excellent, but their craftsmenship is too! Have you ever noticed the Cyclone sign on the roller coaster at Coney Island?  The sign is as old as the coaster and park itself.  And Midwood Signs is proud to have designed and installed it 50 years ago!  Not only is it still there, but its still working!

Midwood Signs prides themselves on quality craftsmenship and quality service.  As you can see, they design signs that last.  They can also update and repair signs to meet todays standards for energy efficiency.

It’s easy to see why Midwood Signs has been the #1 choice for sign and awning provider of business owners in Brooklyn for over 50 years and counting.  Contact Midwood Signs today for your sign and awning needs.